Anandwan documentary

The Anandwan Project is a documentary about Anandwan, the greatest rehabilitation centre for the disabled and leprosy-afflicted in India, and one of the largest such centres in the world.

Created by Baba Amte in the 1940s, Anandwan provides “untouchables” with medical treatment, food to eat, and a place to live, but also a concrete way to give back through a job that supports the local community. By recognizing that the handicapped and disabled are also capable of contributing to economic development and teaching others, we open the door to a radical shift in cultural mindset. Putting “untouchables” to work was previously inconceivable, but Baba’s model has proven to empower those at the very bottom to rise above and beyond society’s wildest expectations. As a result, today Anandwan is a revolutionary beacon of hope for cultural change and sustainable development, in one of the most unexpected of places.

Our film seeks to spread a positive message of hope and inspiration through one key objective: alter our perceptions of the handicapped and disabled. By recognizing everyone is capable of giving back and teaching us something, we open the door to a radical shift in cultural mindset where we are stronger when united. It is our hope to encourage discussion about what Anandwan and its people can teach us about social equality and its power to transform communities to be more sustainable, inclusive and beneficial for all.