Must Have

The Hidden Instincts Behind Everything We Buy, by Geoffrey Miller –>

This book took some serious commitment to get through from start to finish. That said, I really enjoyed it and felt like I learned a lot in reading. I found daily inspiration and enjoyed questioning my actions/reactions as a consumer… the most important lesson: where we are today is no accident. Modern day consumerism has been planned down to the last detail, and it suits many people for you to go on believing it is natural evolution that created today’s modern consumerist culture. Not so argues Miller, an Evolutionary Scientist. Do we live in any way that resembles ancient man? Was ancient man actually happier than we are, in spite of  the constant new flow of “goodies” available for purchase?

If you’ve got lots of money to spend and don’t understand why you still are not happy, this book may shed some light on your plight. Interesting exercises at the end that may make you question your habits.