Printer’s Drawer Project

Here are a few photos of my latest big art project. I found a few of these antique drawers that used to house letters at a printing press. They remind me of shadow boxes (which I have always loved). Sam gave me the idea to put my papers “on display” in the boxes and the result is what we have here. I prepped the frame first (it had to be cleaned, lightly sanded, painted and varnished) and then I filled in every square with a unique paper from my collection – no repeats, no silver were my main rules and I tried to incorporate a bit of every color.

It was a VERY time consuming and exact project: exact measuring, exact cutting, exact gluing. Repeat. I would not say it was fun, but I’m happy with the result. Maybe the next one will will have tighter color rules… I could do a whole set, everyone a different color scheme!

So many ideas…

In any case, here are a couple of pictures of the drawer on display at the last Lampad-r expo, along with a couple close ups. The Nanos kind of ended up there by accident but I liked what it did for the pictures so I’m just goin’ with it for now.