The Mind of the Guru

Conversations with Spiritual Masters, by Rajiv Mehrotra –>

My work on The Anandwan Project led to a splurge of books containing anything about or by Baba Amte, and this book was the first to make it on my reading list.

The text is made up of descriptions of each “guru” and a subsequent interview by the author. Not all of them are life-changing, but many address global issues that (should) concern us all… I definitely had some “ah-ha!” moments while reading and felt like this text should be required reading for all Philosophy majors. If you are asking yourself questions about this life and are searching for direction, this book may help guide you in new directions. I feel compelled to do more ancient text reading… there is a whole culture of knowledge that dates far, far back into history, and much of this seems to come from ancient India. I revel in the idea of further discovery.