The Passage (more apocalypse!!!!)

The Passage by Justin Cronin –> I stumbled upon this little gem in the Minnesota St. Paul airport (while killing 5 hours before my flight… yea, I don’t want to talk about it.) I had disregarded every other book on the shelf but gave this one a second look when I saw its strong endorsement by none other than Stephan King.

Now, I don’t normally give those quotes on the front/back/inside cover a second look. In fact, they usually annoy the hell outta me (I don’t care what so-and-so thinks of your writing! Those reviews are probably paid for anyways!). But in this case, and let’s be clear here, King’s review planted a seed in my mind: “Read this book and the ordinary world disappears” it says. That’s a pretty legit endorsement coming from such a legendary storyteller…

And so I was sold… and holy f**k was this book a winner. I was totally addicted. Like, could not put it down, couldn’t stop talking about it to everyone kind of addicted. I LOVED this book. King was right. Want to take a trip to planet earth a couple hundred years from now, in a post-apocalypic zombie world, complete with a dash of magic? Start reading. But be warned: it is a looooong book. If long books scare you, stay away. Especially because you’ll get addicted and be dying for the sequel to come out (October! almost here!!!), like me.